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I Believe World
An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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ibelieveworld means opportunity to...

Help Empower Those
Less Fortunate.

I BELIEVE WORLD is an Atlanta based charity, 501c nonprofit organization. We provide the resources and platform to inspire and empower people by engaging the community and bringing inspiration. We convey powerful stories of triumph that show how acts of generosity and beauty can improve lives.

Survive & Thrive

I BELIEVE WORLD finds effective ways to help people survive and be able to thrive within their community. This is where purpose comes in. Simply put, having a sense of purpose in your life means that you feel that you’re worthy and will make positive contributions to the world.

Survive & Thrive

Empower & Enhance Lives

I BELIEVE WORLD empowers people to take charge. Helping people to believe in themselves, showing them that we want them to succeed. Let them know we are expecting them to succeed and telling them often that we are confident they are going to make it. Help us empower & enhance lives.

Empower & Enhance Lives

Positive Life Changes

I BELIEVE WORLD is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting positive life changes spiritually, financially, physically & technologically. It is our hope that our work in the community and through our website will bring truth in uncertain times and lead to brighter futures for everyone.

Positive Life Changes

Support Our Nonprofit

& Charitable Work

For exceptionally curious students,

We Are
We are teaching and guiding others through inspiration and motivation using our platform to liberate all.

Our programs focus on four essential areas:

Reducing Recidivism Rates

Improving Lives Through Education

Igniting Change Through Empowerment

Teaching Through Story-Telling & Activism

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”
Francis of Assissi

Together, anything is possible.